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Vampire Savior


  • Tue 27 FEB

    Magic Pixel Weekly #38

    February has come and gone already, but week after week we’ve been out here gaming. This week is no exception; we’ve got VSAV, MBTL, and GBVSR on deck. Come out and get some games! (more...)
    Vampire SaviorMelty Blood: Type LuminaGranblue Fantasy Versus: Rising
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  • Tue 19 DEC

    Magic Pixel Weekly #29

    It’s the last Magic Pixel event of 2023*, and we’ve got a wonderful winter night of gaming planned to see it off with! We have a very special Vampire Savior bracket this evening, as well our very first ever Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising tournament! (more...)
    Granblue Fantasy Versus: RisingVampire SaviorBlazBlue: Central Fiction
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  • Tue 06 JUN

    Magic Pixel Weekly #5

    Welcome to the Magic Pixel Weekly! Brackets will be run for a rotating selection of games each week. On-stream games will have a $5 entry fee and a payout for top 3. (more...)
    Street Fighter 6SOULCALIBUR VIVampire SaviorGuilty Gear: Strive
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